L.A Weekly Award nomination best playwright

After years of self-exile in Detroit, Lou Perino returns to his hometown in Pennsylvania to right a wrong he did 50 years ago to Julia, the girl he loved. Once, the Korean War stood in their way – now it’s something entirely different. 

This beautiful story of love and pride delicately explores the nature of forgiveness, grief and redemption.

” Julia is a very touching work by playwright Vince Melocchi written with the conviction that the little, almost incidental, acts of youth can haunt us for a lifetime…. a vibrant exploration of love and regret…. takes a simple story and brings it to the personal level, with immediacy, honesty and restraint.” – Reviews Off Broadway

2009 Ovation Award nominee – Best Playwriting

“…Melocchi’s play is a smart, humanistic…observation of working-class survivalism.” – Los Angeles Times

“Lions is about hope…about the endurance of a middle class getting squeezed…finding life amid the lifeless” – Detroit Free Press

“…an all-around touching portrait of Middle America, a reminder that ‘real Americans’ need not be so reductively characterized as Joe the Plumber.” – L.A. Weekly

“In Vince Melocchi’s play, Lions, we are privy to the hardships of a group of downtrodden men and women who are faced with the economic sufferings of today’s world.” – Stagehappenings

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